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Frequently Asked Questions , The Truth About Training And Setting Up As A Self Employed Locksmith In The UK. The honest ethical approach to training.

This is FACT !

If we stop just 1 person from throwing away their life savings on no more than a pipe dream then we have done some good for them, but if we have ensured that those entering this industry , do so with eyes wide open and knowing exactly whats required then we have done far more for you and the industry as a whole, and that is reward in itself. Now read on :

We get asked the same questions each and every day about training and the industry , about set up costs and about qualifications and status. This has prompted us to list a page on our site provideing the TRUTH about setting up in this industry, about earning potential and what you get from any training course in the uk outside of the MLA ( the master locksmith association )

So many hopefull trainee locksmiths try to get into the industry with rose coloured specs on , believing its easy to make £1000 to £2000 per week each and every week following a short course , sadly most waste their money and either dont bother or fail quickly , we have decided to tell the truth on the locksmith industry and the training you will get across the country, Many clever firms market themselves in such a way that they tell you what you want to hear and part you from your cash. Remember its sales !!

A fact , almost 1000 hopefulls attend locksmith courses across the country each and every month , from these hopefulls you will be lucky if only 10 try to start up when they know what it costs and what it involves to set up in this industry , then your lucky still if 5 are still trading 6 months later, so dont be conned into thinking its an easy and guaranteed money industry, sadly its not. It's hard work but achievable.

Many people out there training in this industry have little or no occupational experience in the industry. Askthere are firms offering training with as little as just 3 months industry experience, in truth what can you learn from them, many have such limited experience that they cannot earn a living from working as a locksmith so train the gullable instead, so be carefull on your choice of trainers.

As for recognised and reputeable associations in the uk , currently only 2 exists, this is the MLA ( master locksmiths association ) also known as the BLI ( british locksmith institute ) , and the ICL ( institute of certified locksmiths ) this is it , beware of cheap imitations making false claims, you have other options such as ALOA , but no other uk recognised association exists to date.


Some of the questions we get asked on a regular basis are ;

1 ) Can I Easily Earn Over £1000 Per Week Following Training ?

Sadly NO it is doubtfull you will earn 20% this per week in your first year , it takes a long time to establish yourself , a good non destructive locksmith can earn far more, but not easily , it is more realistic to expect £200 to £300 per week in your first year, and then only if your area can sustain it and you get some contract work, you will not make a living from call outs alone. anyone who tells you that its easy money and you can easily earn over £1000 per week is sadly telling you a lie and selling no more than a dream to part you from your cash. It's sad but true!

2 ) Is It Really A Licence To Print Money

Again Sadly NO ! , you are often led to believe that its an easy industry to make your fortune, along time ago maybe, but not anymore. This is an extremely hard industry to establish yourself in, it costs a fortune to set up in properly and can take years to see your investment start to pay. But its one of the most interesting and enjoyable trades to get into, but if you are to succeed it is a vocation, it costs a fortune and takes alot of hard work and years of continued training and practice to become a success, but once established there is no finer way to make a living and few jobs that offer the satisfaction as this industry.

There is no easy way to make it as a locksmith and no short cuts, its hard at first but worth it in the end if done right.

3 ) Can You Really Set Up On A Shoestring Following Training

A few have been lucky, but as a rule sadly NO ! , dependent upon which area of the industry you wish to enter then we list below the figures you should consider as your minimum start up capital, without this minimum figure it is extremely unlikely that you will succeed, despite what some may tell you;

DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL LOCKSMITH ( homes and business locks )

The minimum start up capital you will require to have any chance of succeeding is a minimum start up capital of £10,000 , and i must reiterate that this is a minimum that you will need for your initial stock , picks , tools and advertising to get going.


the minimum start up figure you will need to have any chance in succeeding in this area is appx £25,000 and again this is a minimum figure.

SAFE ENGINEER ( opening safes )

the minimum you will require for this sector is appx £30,000

these are all realistic minimum start up investments that you would need to succeed in each sector of industry, and even then success cannot be assured, alot still comes down to you.

4 ) Will I Be An Expert Locksmith Following A Training Course

Again NO ! it is naive to think that this is possible , despite what you may be told , all any short course can teach you is the methods of entry , you should learn all methods of entry though sadly on many courses you dont , As stated you will learn the methods of entry, though its doubtfull that on any course you will become good or even competent at any of them, this is down to you and your own commitment and of course your investment in your tools , you can be taught the methods but only you can get good at them by hours and weeks of dedicated practice, once learnt you must perfect and build on the basic skills you learn.

Any good course will teach you the basics, an understanding of the locks , the picks and how they work, you should be taught how , but its then as stated down to you to perfect and become competent.

Gaining entry is only a very part of your becoming a locksmith, you will need to take further courses to perfect you fitting and technical skills to learn the whole trade.

5 ) What Methods Of Entry Should I Be Taught As An Absolute Minimum

You should have hands on experience ( you doing not being demonstrated to ) of picking the following lock types;

Pin Tumblers , Euro Cylinders , Oval Cylinders , multi lock in fact most types of pin cylinder , wafer locks , tubular locks padlocks includeing chubb cruiser lever padlocks , cam locks , garage door locks , digital locks , 2 lever , 3 lever , 5 lever and BS3621 Lever Locks including chubb , era , legge , union , assec , securefast mortce locks, and you should be taught the picking of these locks, all of them.

you should be taught and get hands on training with the following tools as a minimum;

Hand picks, electric pick guns , impressioning tools , letterbox kits , bump / rap keys , shims , jiggler keys , mica , plug spinners , thumb turn turners , bypass tools and wires , tubular picks , lever wires , 2 in 1 picks , curtain wheel picks , chubb and legge pin and cams, era invincible decoders , securefast pick , plastercine impression and key make up kits etc , this should be an absolute minimum content and all hands on, then Lock ID through the keyway must be covered as its an essential, and drilling taught only as an absolute last resort, if you dont get this from your course and all hands on, then again your being sold short.

6 ) Will I Be A Fully Qualified / Accredited Locksmith Following Training ?

Again Sadly No ! , currently within the uk there are no recognised "formal" qualifications within the locksmith Industry , despite how some cleverly package some meaningless pieces of paper they claim are formal full qualifications, again NO UK FORMAL RECOGNISED QUALIFICATIONS CURRENTLY EXIST despite some clever marketing of non recognised certification, such as a worthless city and guilds portfolio certificate with less recognition than a roll of toilet paper.

you dont need any formal qualifications as yet to trade as a locksmith, good job as none yet exist , the nearest thing to a recognised qualification or accreditation within the uk is the MLA route to becoming a registered and licensed MASTER LOCKSMITH , not for everyone, but up to now the only recognised route to any sort of formal recognition.

this is not to say that some national companies may recognise a certain trainers certification as proof of training acceptable to them, but no true qualification currently exists, and certainly no qualification offered in a few days or weeks could be classed as anything worthwhile by even the most gullable hopefull.

We hope this true depiction of training and setting up doesnt put too many people off becoming a locksmith and training and setting up as a locksmith, though we hope it stops some from throwing their hard earned savings away on a pipe dream of easy money from an easy industry, for those that do continue into the industry then you do so without those awful rose coloured spectacles and with your eyes wide open knowing exactly what to expect.

Key points to remember;

research your area and business plan fully

choose your trainer carefully, ensure they are experienced locksmiths, as many out there have less than 1 years experience and some have little to know experience outside of a 2 day course.

choose your course carefully , any course that says it will teach you , domestic and commercial , autos , electronics and safes in under 6 months is likely to be no good to you, it takes 2 to 3 days just to cover the basics within the domestic/commercial opening sector without the rest.

avoid the courses that tell you its better to drill

dont believe the claims of £1000 to £2000 per week easily earnt. At £50 - £60 per call out thats 2 jobs per day you will have to take from existing competition. ! Now take expenses out and tax.. etc...

and know what set up will cost you

this is a great and rewarding business to be in , you never stop learning , but its a long term career and certainly not a get rich quick industry , though if properly planned and well thought out an excellent career choice.

If we stop just 1 person from throwing away their life savings on no more than a pipe dream then we have done some good for them, but if we have ensured that those entering this industry , do so with eyes wide open and knowing exactly whats required then we have done far more for you and the industry as a whole , and that is reward in itself.

We have been advised by a few locksmith training companies we are too ethical in our approach to training and should remove the above information.

We do strongly beleive all the information above is correct and therefore will stay in place.








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